Eine Pädagogik für die digitale Welt

Lernen im 21. Jahrhundert

Der Film beschreibt, wie das Lernen im 21. Jahrhundert sein sollte. Nach dem Vorbild des "21st Century Learning"-Films des US-amerikanischen Bildungsaktivisten Patrick Newell und durch seine Freigabe, hat die Organisation EDUCATION Y eine deutsche Fassung produziert. Darin kommen Bildungsexperten aus der Wissenschaft genauso zu Wort wie Bildungspraktiker. www.education-y.de

Projektbasiertes Lernen – Project Based Learning

Beim Project Based Learning wird an interdisziplinären Projekten gearbeitet. Seine Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit ist in über 40jähriger Forschung nachgewiesen worden.

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»Research studies have demonstrated that PBL can be more effective than traditional instruction for teaching mathematics, economics, science, social science, clinical medical skills and for careers in the allied health occupations and teaching.«

Buck Institute for Education

Quest 2 Learn

In der New Yorker Schule Quest to Learn findet Lernen spielerisch statt.

Weitere Infos: Lehrreiches Zocken. Computerspielen im Unterricht in den USA. Video-Beitrag bei 3SAT nano

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»What if we could build a school where students are excited about learning, solving problems and facing complex challenges?« Quest to Learn

Das sagt die Forschung

»There is forty years of accumulated evidence that the instructional strategies and procedures that make up standards-focused Project Based Learning are effective in building deep content understanding, raising academic achievement and encouraging student motivation to learn.«

Buck Institute for Education

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»There has been a long-term emphasis in the classroom on deeper learning approaches, defined by the Alliance for Excellent Education as the delivery of rich core content to students in innovative ways that allow them to learn and then apply what they have learned. Projectbased learning, problem-based learning, inquirybased learning, and similar methods foster more active learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.«

Horizon Report 2015 K-12 Edition

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»Existing research on project-based approaches suggested that this kind of teaching can foster higher engagement and yield academic gains. Our study confirms the promise of project- based approaches in neglected domains with a disadvantaged population.«

Halvorsen et al. (2015): Narrowing the Achievement Gap in Second-Grade Social Studies and Content Area Literacy: The Promise of a Project-Based Approach

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Top 10 Resources like 'Does PBL Work?'

Buck Institute for Education

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